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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Drs Orders Massage

Massage Techniques

This is indeed the signature style in the minds of most when it comes to massage, and rightfully so. It is one of the more soothing of styles. Long flowing strokes, kneading and stretching not only help to release constricting muscle tension and improve circulation, but to remove acids and toxins that would normally restrict muscle contractions and stretching. We also use Swedish to blend different styles and techniques.

Application of direct pressure to unblock the flow of energy along energy lines, so to speak, that helps the body ward off diseases and elevate energy levels.

Calming of the nerves through rocking.

Body awareness. Reintroducing certain parts of your body to the other. Light in nature…

Trigger Point
Applying adequate sustained pressure-releasing tensions of areas experiencing biomechanical stress. These stresses are caused by either a big bang trauma or from repetitions of movements over time. These are considered, in most cases, early stages of a full-blown injury.

Deep Tissue
The only way to influence deeper tissue, is to apply techniques deeper. It’s like Swedish, but with a slower, methodical and deeper focus.

Cross Fiber
Very effective for muscle strains from superficial to deep. A transverse stroke, perpendicular to the direction of the muscle fiber that spreads muscle fibers, emulating the broadening of a muscle during a contraction.

We all know what know what it is, but do we do it? Whatever. We use the stretch in our sessions for several reasons. One being that it helps to get the muscles on the same page after they have been manipulated. We are big advocates of stretch because it is a basic property of a muscle and enhances its quality and functionality


Mentally and/or physically besieged over time, perhaps? Our main goals here are to:
  • Prevent one from influencing the other
  • Get the ball rolling with relaxation
  • Providing relief for an adequate enough time
  • Convince that managing stress possible
  • More help is out there if need be

It’s well documented that relaxation directly influences stress reduction and that relaxation can directly be achieved through massage. That’s why many of our stress reduction sessions have a high dose of relaxation techniques. Each person brings their own way getting back to healthy, and it’s our duty to help find the right combinations.

Reducing stress in a timely fashion is important due mainly to an increased vulnerability of health risk factors and injury. Incidence of injuries increase during times of high stress.

Whether injuries are caused by stress, we also approach injuries as an additional cause of stress on the body as well. So we will attend to the injury and the stresses in other parts of the body that are compensating for the injury.

Drs Orders Massage

We provide a variety of massage techniques to suit your needs, including:
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • swedish Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
We offer our services at 2 locations in San Francisco, and can provide in-home and workplace massage as well.