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Sunday, June 3, 2007


Mentally and/or physically besieged over time, perhaps? Our main goals here are to:
  • Prevent one from influencing the other
  • Get the ball rolling with relaxation
  • Providing relief for an adequate enough time
  • Convince that managing stress possible
  • More help is out there if need be

It’s well documented that relaxation directly influences stress reduction and that relaxation can directly be achieved through massage. That’s why many of our stress reduction sessions have a high dose of relaxation techniques. Each person brings their own way getting back to healthy, and it’s our duty to help find the right combinations.

Reducing stress in a timely fashion is important due mainly to an increased vulnerability of health risk factors and injury. Incidence of injuries increase during times of high stress.

Whether injuries are caused by stress, we also approach injuries as an additional cause of stress on the body as well. So we will attend to the injury and the stresses in other parts of the body that are compensating for the injury.

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